Corporate Responsibility

In 2018 we announced the creation of Design Holding, a global high-end interior design group that brings together a collection of prominent and complementary brands: Flos and Louis Poulsen in the lighting sector and B&B Italia Group in the furniture one. The idea behind Design Holding is to bring together companies that make excellence in design their founding value. For many decades, the history of industrial design has been marked by extraordinary iconic products generated by these companies through partnerships with legendary designers.

The creation of the group thus aims to connect businesses, each with their own strong and unique nature, under a unanimous banner of international growth based on shared values and visions. As a worldwide Group, we will have the potential for enhanced geographical reach, having access to widened sourcing and distribution networks, and the ability to better adapt to market evolution and to customers’ changing expectations.

Albeit just the first step of a long-term roadmap, this strategic union represents for Flos a great opportunity to strengthen our pioneering approach in the lighting industry. Indeed, innovation epitomizes one of the key elements of our sustainability commitment, as proven by Flos’ contribution to face global challenges that are reshaping the lighting world, such as the introduction of LED lighting sources and the advent of a circular economy. Aiming to create a company culture that boosts innovation and digitalization, we continue to invest in digital transformation, by integrating digital technologies in our operations, communication strategies and customer

In 2018 we also progressed with the reduction of environmental impacts linked to our operations by focusing on energy efficiency and GHG emissions. In this direction, we continued investing in thorough monitoring of energy consumption and renewed our efforts to offset the
carbon emissions resulting from our logistics activities. With the purpose of contributing to our local communities, we continued to build on our strong relationships with the territory by sponsoring and supporting cultural and philanthropic initiatives.

In the same vein, regarding our people, we worked to foster an inclusive and constructive working environment, with particular attention on nurturing and retaining our talents by strengthening training activities.

Despite 2018 being a year of significant changes and great challenges, we look forward to a new era of growth and carry forward Flos’ identity and iconic heritage. With our fourth Sustainability Report we reaffirm our deep commitment to adhere to the Principles of the United Nations Global Compact, and provide all our stakeholders with an overview of our sustainability performance and achievements.



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